Please your woman


Some call them the “womb men” others call them “necessary evil” but they are beautiful creatures that some love, others hate, yet others admire, appreciate and desire but none can ignore them.

They are called to be helpmates to their men, mothers to their children and builders of the home. She is strong and sincere though misunderstood most times. She is focused and has a reason for doing everything she does.

The womenfolk vary from the men folk in various dimensions; the women are process oriented while the men are goal oriented. Women are intuitive and men are analytical in nature, women appear weaker both physically and emotionally while men look stronger. Women see and take note of every little thing and always want to discuss everything but men see bigger things and they don’t talk as much as women do.

However, when they come together in a relationship, they are expected to complement each other. The man’s strong attributes compliments the woman’s weak qualities and the coming together of these ingredients is a beautiful dough.

There are seven steps a man needs to take and he will begin to enjoy the best of his woman; these seven include…

  • Love her unconditionally
  • Trust her wholly
  • Be faithful
  • Be available
  • Be appreciative
  • Meet her needs
  • Make her heart fly.

Love Her Unconditionally and tell her about it. Some guys think “she ought to know by now how much I love her” you are right. She knows that is why she wants you to say it often and on. Is there anything wrong with waking her up early in the morning 4:30am, 5:00am to tell her “I just woke you up to tell you that I love you so much”? I tell you that if you do this, you will enjoy the best of her. She will adore you like a king and talk of your love at the rooftops. Secondly, don’t wait until she “behaves well” before you tell or show her you love her; for this will mean that on the day she got out from the wrong side of the bed, you will keep your love to yourself. This is called “selfish love”. Even the Bible instructs that the guys should love their wives as Christ loved the church. The church wasn’t perfect and is still not perfect yet Jesus gave His life for her because of His love for her. Guys, love like Jesus loved – unconditionally.

Trust Her Wholly. Trust her enough to let her decisions count. Don’t compare her with your sisters or your mother or even your colleagues. Don’t believe just any story/rumour/complain you heard about her. Stand with her against external forces and influences, don’t team up with those who see her as “no- good” no matter who they are. Remember she made a great sacrifice leaving her folks to pitch her tent with you; she even gave up her name and identity for yours. She is looking up to you, don’t look down on her.

Be Faithful to her and true to your union. Don’t go after everything on skirts because it “seems like a man’s world”. Don’t defile your marriage bed, don’t go rekindling your “old flames” since the ambers have gone off, le them remain off. Make your woman feel and know she is important to you, let her be the first to hear of your promotion, success, achievements et al. Gently, kindly and lovingly approach her on any changes you want her to make either in her looks or other issues.

Be Available; always be there for her and when you “unavoidably” won’t be around, apologise and make it up for her the next time you have the opportunity. Importantly, guys, remember Important Dates –her birthday, your anniversary, the “kiss-time” (if you have any) and so. Don’t just be there physically with that far away look indicating you are not there emotionally. When you don’t respond to questions with affection, it means you are not paying attention. Availability is all about attention and affection, combine these two ingredients and you are the best guy – every woman’s dream man.

Be Appreciative; don’t joke with words like “thank you”. It may not be much as in letters but it sure means much to your woman. Thank her for the little things as well as the big things. If you don’t appreciate, you and your union will depreciate. Women like to be recognized for little things. It will not take anything from you but it will add plenty to your relationship. Thank her for the meal, thank her for doing your laundry, thank her for taking great care of the children and for running the home smoothly in your absence. These words of gratitude and appreciation take little or nothing to offer but they build your relationship strong!

Meet Her Needs; every woman has needs in the following areas: emotional, physical, social, spiritual and intellectual. In meeting her needs in these areas, you are making her or rather giving her the boost she needs to be confident, competent, important, wanted, accepted and adequate. As her needs are met especially intellectually and emotionally, her self- esteem is built stronger, so why not go ahead and meet her needs today? Every woman wants her man to have a drive towards his career or calling; she is genuinely moved by what is driving the man more than what the man is driving. She needs her man to shield her from outsiders especially those trying to run her down so don’t join that force or team up with them even if they are your parents and siblings. You are more related to this woman now than any other person, nobody else, not even your twin is referred to as your better-half or the bone of your bones but that was how Adam the first husband described his wife, Eve.

Make her heart fly; yes, you guessed right, love-making shouldn’t be just a “hit and run” affair. Ensure she enjoys it from start to finish. Ensure it is not monotonous either; this way when next you come knocking, she will open for you with so much enthusiasm and excitement not just out of sheer obligation. The best and most beautiful things in life can only be felt and not touched; make her laugh when her heart cries, take her to higher heights when she can’t take a step on her own, help her set new goals when she thinks she is dying. Give her flowers that will produce orchids for her, give her that beautiful experience that she won’t forget in a hurry. Treat her right always and you will have the best of her at all times.

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